Mission Statement

With Junction House Ltd we promise that you can expect:

  1. An excellent standard & quality of work; a fully qualified, highly skilled and trustworthy workforce.
  2. We only take on one large project at a time: so when we say we’ll be there, we mean it.
  3. We immerse ourselves in your project (whatever the size) and are committed to the desired end result.
  4. We help realise the full potential of your project by offering experienced, stylish design ideas and creative solutions.
  5. Our communication with you will be second to none; with all quotes, contracts and discussions in plain English. We often send our quotes and other correspondence via email for speed, convenience and to be more eco-friendly.
  6. A high degree of organisation to ensure your project runs smoothly and on time.
  7. Our quotes to give a full honest breakdown, so you can see what you are paying for and be assured that there will be no hidden extras.
  8. Well behaved workers – see our Site Rules.
  9. Fully certified paperwork handed over to you on completion of the project.
  10. An honest, helpful, approachable and reliable service.
  11. Extra care and consideration when working on home-based sites.
  12. We minimise our environmental impact only using wood from sustainably maintained forests.
  13. To be left with a sweet taste and a great experience of builders, far beyond the stereotyped norm.

We acknowledge that the building industry is often viewed with suspicion. The reputation of rogue traders, cowboy builders, unqualified workers, stone age conduct on site, cash in hand payments, incomprehensible jargon, and under priced estimates plucked out of thin air with endless requests for additional ‘Extra’ payments for things that ought to be included in the original quote, all serve to give our industry a bad name and ruin what should be an exciting experience for you the client.

At Junction House Ltd we enjoy proving that this is not always the case. Many areas of the building trade are improving and being brought up to date and we are proud to be part of the new wave of responsible, considerate builders. We take a great deal of pride in the work we do and it is important to us that you are pleased with the result.

It makes good business sense too - much of our work comes from word of mouth recommendations and so we recognise that our future business relies upon your happiness as our client.